Former Teachers Helping Teachers

Once a teacher, always a teacher.  With 50+ years of combined teaching and administrative experience in the field of education, we understand pension benefits and the GAP teachers unknowingly face in retirement better than most other financial planners.


Retirement planning for teachers and administrators requires such a unique understanding of the pension system and specific planning objectives that we have created an entire subsidiary, PLAN NJ, focused solely on educating teachers and administrators on the pension system and catering to their individual needs.

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At PLAN NJ our mission is to educate new teachers and veteran staff members alike on the facts about the Teacher Pension and Annuity Fund.   All teachers need to be aware of the changes brought on by Chapter 78 that will significantly impact their retirement income. Knowledge is the first step to taking action in the retirement planning process so that current quality of life can continue well into retirement.

Dear Administrators and Teachers,


After retiring from 35 years in education, I never envisioned I would be back in the workforce.  What I thought would be my years to travel, shop, and enjoy quality time with my husband, quickly turned into searching for a job that would pay more than just the bills.  The reduction in my monthly income had a huge impact on my lifestyle.  This was a self-made situation that could have easily been avoided if only I had the proper guidance.   As I spoke with former colleagues, I realized I was not alone in this dilemma.  I decided to focus my energy on creating raising awareness about the need to plan early for retirement and address the gap between current income and monthly pension check.  Knowing that Don Ayers was a former teacher and also passionate about helping teachers and administrators avoid the mistakes I had unknowingly made, I joined Innovative Wealth Partners and together we created PLAN NJ (Pension Learning and AwareNess for NJ teachers). 


PLAN NJ will be one of the many services Innovative Wealth Partners will provide your districts.  We intend to raise awareness through education for teachers, and to provide support in making critical planning decisions.  Some of the services we provide are listed below:

  • Ongoing free educational workshops throughout the year
  • Trustworthy and reliable support in providing smart, cost effective, retirement solutions (including 403(b))
  • Individualized consultations to guide educators through the planning process
  • Addressing the needs of educators’ and their families by providing solutions that work under the widest range of circumstances
  • Building ongoing superior client experiences and relationships
  • Meeting the needs of the school district and collaborating between all stakeholders


At Innovative Wealth Partners our goal is to inspire peace of mind in retirement planning.  I hope that you will help support our cause in raising awareness about the realities of the pension system by allowing us to provide your district with free educational information sessions. Our 403(b) plans are provided through Aspire, a nationally recognized and approved 403(b) vendor in more than 3,500 school districts throughout the United States.  The personalized services that we can provide as a local financial firm are second to none!



Debra J. Serafin, MBA

NJ Educator Pension Specialist

Former District - Freehold Regional High School     

District and North Brunswick Twp. School District

Donald R. Ayers, Jr. is a Registered Representative offering Securities through The O.N. Equity Sales Company Member FINRA/SIPC, One Financial Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 (513) 754-6794.  Investment Advisory Services offered through O.N. Investment Management Company.

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