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Meet One of Our Financial Representatives

Debra J. Serafin, MBA

After retiring from 35 years in education, Debra never envisioned she would be back in the workforce.  What she thought would be her years to travel, shop, and enjoy quality time with her husband, quickly turned into searching for a job that would pay more than just the bills.  The reduction in Debra's monthly income had a huge impact on her lifestyle.  This was a self-made situation that could have easily been avoided if only she had the proper guidance.   As she spoke with former colleagues, Debra realized she was not alone in this dilemma.  She decided to focus her energy on creating and raising awareness about the need to plan early for retirement and address the gap between current income and monthly pension check.  Knowing that Don Ayers was a former teacher and also passionate about helping teachers and administrators avoid the mistakes she had unknowingly made, Debra joined Innovative Wealth Partners and together they created PLAN NJ (Pension Learning and AwareNess for NJ teachers). 
Debra and her husband reside in Brick Township and have two beautiful daughters, Corinne and Mikayla.  The

  best part of her day is early morning, sitting in peace and quiet, drinking a strong cup of coffee and reading the daily newspaper.  In her spare time, Debra enjoys reading a good mystery novel, walking the reservoir, and planning her next vacation!​