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Meet the Vice President of Operations

Jaymie A. Braman

​Jaymie initiated her career in the financial industry in 2008 while still attending Rider University as an Entrepreneurial Studies major. In 2013, she joined Innovative Wealth Partners so that she could better serve her clients through the use of academia and actuarial science. Jaymie believes in always putting the needs of her clients first and thoroughly enjoys the relationships that are built along the way. 

​In addition to serving her clientele, Jaymie has taken on the role of running the day to day operations of the Innovative Wealth Partners.  She was one of the first people to join the company when it opened its doors and has made it a personal goal to use her marketing expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to assist in the exponential growth of the company.  Jaymie also assists in the hiring process for new advisors looking to make a difference and in training those advisors who become a part of the team.